After meeting my sister Gina for the first time in July of 2014, my style of painting has become more expressive through by using bold layers of colour and textures.
        When I start a painting, I don't know what it’s going to look like but I trust my intuition and the process. The painting evolves with each brush stroke creating more possibilities. I always start with a black canvas then use random layers of acrylic colours and pumice stone to create texture.  I place the canvas on the floor and use my left hand (I’m right handed) to create expressive and spontaneous marks with my palette knives.  Next, I bring the painting to my easel to establish a dominant colour while letting the other colours subtly show through. This creates more depth and texture to my painting and the figures start to emerge.  I start outlining the figures with black paint and create bold shapes of colour and contrast between the figure and the background with different sizes of palette knives. 
The tilting heads in my paintings is a theme that came out naturally. To me, it represents the love and vulnerability that exists in a sibling relationship and how I feel missing out on so many great years with my twin.